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  • 101: "The Curse" | PRETTY DUDES

    Five friends who are unlucky in love have a night out. Jay (Tae Song) introduces his fellow "cosmetic genetics": the "Dudes" Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso), Ellington (Xavier Avila), Alexander (Kyle Rezzarday), and the "local Helen of Troy" Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez).

  • 103: "Girls" | PRETTY DUDES

    Jay (Tae Song) consults a Stranger (special guest star Beau Sia) for gay social media tips in order to find a date for Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez). The Dudes congregate at Ellington's (Xavier Avila) - greeting his girlfriend Mandy (Stacy Snyder) and brother Marshall (Joshuah Noah Snel) before hea...

  • 115: "Healthy Competition" | PRETTY DUDES

    Interrupted by an old acquaintance (Leo Lam), the date between Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) and Zach (Clifford Cisneros) leads to a flight of fancy. Genie (Michael Bow) keeps it real with Jay (Tae Song).

  • 113: "Level Up" | PRETTY DUDES

    Led by Ellington (Xavier Avila), the Dudes attempt to take their fitness to the next level with the help of "Mr. Seventeen" (Clifford Cisneros). Both Eagle (Olivia Thai) and Alexander (Kyle Rezzarday) make love connections at the local cafe, leading to surprising results.

  • 108: "They Call It Falling for a Reason" | PRETTY DUDES

    While Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) is on a date with a dance machine selected by Eagle (Olivia Thai), his heartbreaking past with Shane (Cesar Cipriano) is revealed.

  • 104: "'Who's Miss Bliss?'" | PRETTY DUDES

    While Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso) meets with a director (guest star Stanley Wong) regarding an upcoming project, Alexander (Kyle Rezzarday) begins to suspect that one of the Dudes is much MUCH older than the rest of them. Meanwhile, the bet and Zario's lack of a job cause Ellington (Xavier Avila) conce...

  • 105: "Millennial Gay" | PRETTY DUDES

    Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) is about to go on his first date of the bet, and each Dude does what they can to win. Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso) gives hygiene tips, while Alexander (Kyle Rezzarday) aids in flirtation techniques.

  • 109: "All-American Type" | PRETTY DUDES

    Having booked his first job post-breakup, Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) is out of the house and the remaining roommates (Kyle Rezzarday, Tae Song and Yoshi Sudarso) battle an uninvited houseguest. Eagle (Olivia Thai) receives unsolicited advice from a Stranger (special guest star Beau Sia).

  • 106: "The First Straw" | PRETTY DUDES

    Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) goes on his first date of the bet with Mick (Jeffrey Jay Soto), but the evening is complicated by Mick's nervousness, a nosy waiter (Nicko Sabado) and a flirtatious diner (Dickie Hearts). Back at Sunji's (Yoshi Sudarso), Ellington (Xavier Avila) reveals a big choice.

  • 107: "Americano" | PRETTY DUDES

    After lying about his acting career, Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso) makes plans with his ex, Jerrica (Amanda Suk). While attempting to convince Ellington (Xavier Avila) that he's not ready to propose, the Dudes converse about love, gender, and privilege.

  • 111: "Three Dinners" | PRETTY DUDES

    Eagle (Olivia Thai) finally convinces Rock (guest star Marc Fajardo) to have the other Dudes over, but Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso) already has plans with his ex, Jerrica (Amanda Suk). While on his third date of the bet, Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) interacts with more than just one perfect guy (Dickie H...

  • 102: "The Dudes Make a Bet" | PRETTY DUDES

    When the Dudes (Bryan Michael Nuñez, Xavier Avila, Tae Song, Kyle Rezzarday, and Yoshi Sudarso) return home from the club without hookups, their conversation encourages some changes - in the form of a hilarious bet, and nothing will ever be the same.

  • Behind the Shirts & Below the Belt

    Laughs, fumbles, and slangin' dicks. Just another day on set with the Dudes, this time an uncensored (well, mostly) look at the making of "The Double Entendre."

  • 110: "Dem Genes" | PRETTY DUDES

    Jay (Tae Song) reunites with his cousin Genie (Michael Bow) who reveals a few family secrets to Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez). Ellington (Xavier Avila) finds that proposing to Mandy (Stacy Snyder) won't be as straightforward as he had planned.

  • 112: "How We Break" | PRETTY DUDES

    Eagle (Olivia Thai) and Rock (Marc Fajardo) are in the midst of an escalating prank war, and their guests are caught in the crossfire. Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso) makes a grave mistake with Jerrica (Amanda Suk), and Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) may have found the perfect man (Kevin Young) on an imperfec...

  • Deleted Entendre

    Watch unaired scenes and alternate takes from "Brother's Keeper," part of our short, "The Double Entendre."

  • 114: "Bedfellows" | PRETTY DUDES

    Eagle (Olivia Thai) finds herself having to apologize to December (Aria Song). Ellington (Xavier Avila) and Alexander (Kyle Rezzarday) run into a familiar face (Kelsey Toussant) which leads to an unexpected outcome.

  • 116: "Tastes Like Finger" | PRETTY DUDES

    As the tensions between Jay (Tae Song) and Eagle (Olivia Thai) grow, a second chance at romance for Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) leads to a moment for Ellington (Xavier Avila) to open up about his misgivings about his role among the Dudes.

  • Oh, Brother! | PRETTY DUDES S2: Behind the Shirts

    We've united the onscreen Gomez brothers (played by Xavier Avila, Joshuah Noah Snel, and Brennan Mejia as Ellington, Marshall, and Carver respectively) with one half of the Erzähler brothers (Kyle Rezzarday and Justin Dennis, as Alexander and Aaron respectively) in a wonderful game we've decided ...

  • When Yoshi Showed His Balls | PRETTY DUDES S2 | Behind the Shirts

    The cast members share some of their favorite moments in the series.

  • Pretty Dudes: Brother's Keeper

  • 117: "Dude Dares" | PRETTY DUDES

    The confrontations and reveals begin as Jay (Tae Song) and Alexander (Kyle Rezzarday) disagree about Ty (Chelsea Gray) staying over, Marshall (Joshuah Snel) can't seem to locate Ellington (Xavier Avila), Rock (Marc Fajardo) crashes a contentious meeting between Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso) and his direc...

  • 120: "Behind the Shirts: Bloopers and Outtakes" | PRETTY DUDES

    Check out all the funniest outtakes and mistakes from the production on our first season.