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  • Will I Say So

    Simply a story of vulnerability.

  • Episode 7: 'It's All Sorted'

    Mel wants to celebrate Debs birthday with her, but after gate-crashing the party Beth and Zoe have organised she finds herself on the outer.

  • Episode 8: 'The Whole Gang Back Together'

    Debs is worried about her promotion, and she hasn’t been completely honest with Zoe. Mel is happy to dish Debs some advice, but she isn’t so keen to take it. Meanwhile, Eileen’s dementia is getting worse and Beth needs to find her a caregiver.

  • Episode 9: 'That's Just Bloody Perfect'

    Beth and Eileen search for a caregiver they can both agree on. Debs struggles to please her former workmates and come to grips with her job, and Zoe finds out about the promotion. Mel discovers a fling could become something more…

  • Episode 10: 'Thanks For The Ride'

    Mel learns the truth about Eileen’s caregiver and manages to cause a mess with the new information as Beth and Anna try to escape for the weekend. Debs's romance comes crashing down and Mel steps in to help her friend.

  • Episode 11: 'Snatching Time With You'

    Anna wants to get serious but Beth’s not sure if she’s ready. Mel decides to move on but finds herself in a tricky situation. Debs is pushed into a corner and has to take a risk with the truth.

  • Episode 12: 'Thoroughly Welcomed To Wellington'

    The Pot Luck is on, but not everybody’s happy with the guest list. Anna makes an announcement, but before it can sink in there’s an emergency with Eileen to deal with.

  • Cross

    A young man (Jason Sistona) is lured into the world of backyard boxing in order to save his mother’s life.

    Written & Directed by GERRY MARAVILLA • Produced by MELANIE DIPIETRO & LEO OLIVA
    Executive Producers B. RICH ADAMS & GERRY MARAVILLA • Dir. of ...

  • Cross: Behind the Scenes

    Delve into the making of Cross in this featurette from Giant Face Films.

  • Five Minutes

    John decides to confess his love to Lindsay five minutes before the world is about to end. When he gets there, Michael also comes in trying to confess his love as well.

  • Kiss of the Rabbit God - Deleted Scenes

    Deleted Scenes from “Kiss of the Rabbit God” featuring Tu’Er Shen 兔兒神 telling the story of “Cut Sleeve,” one of the earliest and most famous Chinese legends about gay love. Starring Teddy Lee as “Matt” and Jeff Chen as Tu’Er Shen

  • The Device

    Two thieves are hired to steal a mysterious device that sends them on a horrific and unexplainable journey.

    Starring: Maynard Okereke & Anthony Washington
    Written and Directed by Conrad Lihilihi

  • Stoopid Ambitious Trailer 2

    Change starts here.

  • Episode 1: 'The Pact'

    Debs, Mel and Beth meet up for a bit of fun at their weekly Pot Luck dinner, but things take on a more serious note when Beth lays down a challenge.

  • Episode 2: 'You Promised You'd Try'

    Struggling to keep her hands to herself Mel pressures Debs to get a date for next Tuesday, but shy Debs is having trouble. Beth broaches the subject of her sexuality with her mum Eileen but is discouraged by her response.

  • Episode 3: 'Do You Eat Meat?'

    Debs and Mel help Beth with coming out tips, then the Tuesday Pot Luck is on! Beth sorts the food, Mel brings the talent, Debs wonders how she can escape, and Kirsty and Laura wonder where all the fun is.

  • Episode 4: 'Mixed Messages'

    Another Pot Luck dinner and a new bunch of women at the table.

    Beth plays matchmaker and Debs finds a spark with Sarah. Google’s lack of information leaves Lucy and Emma unsure of the etiquette and Mel struggles to keep up her side of the bargain.

  • Episode 5: 'Lezza Dance'

    Dinner is cancelled when Mel drags Debs and Beth to the hottest dance in town. Beth has something to celebrate, Mel uses her charm to work the room, and Debs tries unsuccessfully to hide in the corner.

    Some new faces make themselves known to the group, and Debs is left feeling in need of some ribs.

  • Episode 6: 'Drought in Southland'

    Beth’s relationship with Eileen takes a new turn, Debs has lost her enthusiasm for the pact, and Mel is frustrated by the lack of praise for her self-control.

    When five women sit down to dine and the drinks start flowing, the emotions bubble over.

  • Sweet Birthday Baby | PRETTY DUDES S1 | Behind the Shirts

    October 6th is typically a day of celebration for Chance Calloway, though one year that became the most infamous day of Pretty Dudes season one production.

  • Desert

    A long-distance couple meets at an isolated desert motel to give their relationship one last shot.

  • 101: “Just Do You”

    Meet Remy, Gavin, and David - living in Atlanta finding balance in their lives. Remy has been single for quite some time, but an unexpected run-in could potentially change his fate.

  • 102: “What About Your Friends?”

    Remy is going to everyone for advice, including 17-year old Dakota Keller. Meanwhile, problems are brewing at home for Gavin and Sheila while David gets a rude awakening from a stranger.