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  • Pretty Dudes: The Double Entendre Deluxe

    3 videos  |  Buy $2.99

    The Dudes give you two brand new hilarious stories that challenge the bounds of friendship and secure the seal of siblinghood. In this Deluxe collection, you also get bloopers, deleted scenes, alternate takes, and an exclusive collection of 30 high res BTS images.

  • Pretty Dudes: The First Season

    19 videos  |  Rent $12.99

    In this award-winning dramedy, meet the "cosmetic genetics;" model and infomercial celebrity Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso), business law student and ladies man Ellington (Xavier Avila), asshole Jay (Tae Song), full-time gamer Alexander (Kyle Rezzarday), heartbroken photographer Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez...

  • How We Break (Pretty Dudes Anthem)

    1 video  |  Buy $1.99

    The official music video for 'How We Break ("Pretty Dudes" Anthem)' performed by Matt Almodiel, Chance Calloway and Peter Su. Additional vocals by Michael Bow.

    Directed by Chance Calloway and Gerry Maravilla
    Director of Photography: Somlit Inthalangsy

  • Pretty Dudes: Caught Gay-Handed

    1 video  |  Rent $0.99

    Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso) worries that he may have a private problem that the guys are unwilling to assist with. Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) is reminded of the first time he met Sunji and Ellington (Xavier Avila). Also starring Tae Song and Kyle Rezzarday.