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102: “What About Your Friends?”

Season 1, Episode 2 • 8m 6s

Up Next in Season 1

  • 103: “Decisions to a Revolving Door”

    A revolving door can allow you to come in and out. In this case, Remy''s house happens to be the revolving door, but someone ends up getting stuck. Remy and Sean must deal with their past. Sheila takes control of a situation and confronts Remy.

  • 104: “What The F#&k?!”

    Remy struggles to deal with the aftermath of his actions. Gavin and Sheila’s relationship continues to suffer. Meanwhile, David and Caleb find common ground with each other.

  • 105: “Meet The Kellers”

    Kevin returns home and Gloria expresses her doubts. Meanwhile, Dakota has news to share. David’s sister, Jade gives him encouragement to move forward. David reaches out to Caleb. Remy must face his past, for once and for all. (Scales is written and created by Patrick Ladonis)