Pretty Dudes

Pretty Dudes

3 Seasons

Millennial friends navigate LA to find purpose in their careers, stability in romantic lives, and - for a few - their placement on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

Pretty Dudes
  • Ask the Dudes: The Naked Truth

    Let's get (re)acquainted. In part one of "Ask the Dudes," the Dudes (including Zario, Ellington, Sunji, and Alexander) answer your questions about each other.

  • Ask the Dudes: The Butt-Ass Naked Truth

    In part two of "Ask the Dudes," the Dudes (including Zario, Ellington, Sunji, and Alexander) get naked about themselves, answering some pretty personal questions.

  • Happy Medium

    Episode 6

    Shane decides it's time to get over his past. Special guest star Cesar Cipriano.

  • Set Phasers to Ho | PRETTY DUDES

    Episode 10

    In this apocryphal (non-canon) screen life episode, Zario's computer chronicles the fallout of his relationship with Jay and the efforts of his fellow Dudes as they help him move on.

    Directed by Chance Calloway

    starring Bryan Michael Nuñez
    Xavier Avila
    Kyle Rezzarday
    Joshuah Noah Snel
    and Yoshi...

  • "Deus Sex Machina" | PRETTY DUDES


    One of the Dudes navigates two new queer relationships.

  • Pretty Dudes in Isolation: The Digital Table Read

    Episode 3

    The cast of Pretty Dudes reunites during isolation to perform a digital table read of our season two premiere episode, "The Death of Romeo." Laughs are on us. Clothing's optional. (It's not like you're wearing pants these days anyway.)
    Stay home, stay safe, and stay tuned.

  • Shane's Fashion Show: Slow Jam Edition

    A Stoopid Ambitious Exclusive! Help Shane decide what to wear on his date.